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Immigration: Situation getting harder for Greece.

A session of 11 countries regarding the immigration crisis got cancelled due to attacks in Ankara.
Rapid developments regarding the refugee crisis.
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Immigration: Situation getting harder for Greece.

Yannis Mouzalas is everyone attention towards the immigration crisis, noting that it’s getting more difficult to combat by the day,
as the country stands between Europe denying to take responsibility and Turkey that keeps sending refugees.

He also admitted that Greece will accommodate a few immigrants for a some time, but stating that this situation is still manageable.

We push things towards implementing the NATO plan, was stated by the deputy minister of immigration policy, during an interview.

Furthermore, referring to the NATO plan, he noted that he foresees that ships will be finding the refugees, FRONTEX will be rescuing them and transporting them to Greece or getting them back to Turkey.
“Turkish generals deny this strategy and the EU has to push a little more”, he added.


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