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Ai Weiwei hangs 14,000 life jackets from refugees on concert hall

Artist Ai Weiwei has covered a concet hall with 14000 migrant life jackets. This installation remembers refugees who have drowned trying to reach Europe. Weiwei obtained […]

The EU offers 3 billion Euros to Turkey to confront the migration crisis.

The EU offers 3 billion Euros to Turkey to confront the migration crisis with the 28 EU members giving their share, including Greece, providing 25,1 million Euros. In this […]

Where do refugees really go (not in Europe)?

During the cold war era it was a common belief that people migrate to western capitals due to the opportunities capitalism provided. After the adoption of the capitalistic […]

At least ten thousand refugees’ children are missing in the EU during the past 2 years

It is high likely that this is due to organized human traffickers , according to Europol. It’s mentiond that thousands of migrants didn’t show up after registering to the […]