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Despite the bad weather, 650 refugees arrived in Lesvos

The bad weather conditions didn’t discourage refugees leading 650 of them cross the sea from the Turkish coast to Lesvos on Saturday. They to the registration […]

Doctors without borders foresee disaster regarding the immigration issues in the EU.

The Non-Profit Organization Doctors Without Borders has requested the EU to ensure safer passage to Europe for the asylum seekers, reporting «disastrous Failure» in managing the immigration crisis by the […]
life vests

GREECE: From refugee life vest to sleeping aid

Vast piles of life-jackets clogging the idyllic beaches of the Greek island of Lesvos are testimony to an often harrowing journey made by thousands of refugees […]

Lesvos: 1.600 immigrants the last 24 hours – 14.000 since New Year

Climate seems to be affecting  the number of immigrants and refugees arriving in Lesvos. Arrivals tend to zero in presence of western winds, contrary to up to 2.000 in 24 […]