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Greece says four of five migrant registration centers ready

Greece said on Tuesday it had set up four out of five proposed registration centers for refugees, drafting in the army to help, after criticism from […]

Ai Weiwei hangs 14,000 life jackets from refugees on concert hall

Artist Ai Weiwei has covered a concet hall with 14000 migrant life jackets. This installation remembers refugees who have drowned trying to reach Europe. Weiwei obtained […]

The EU offers 3 billion Euros to Turkey to confront the migration crisis.

The EU offers 3 billion Euros to Turkey to confront the migration crisis with the 28 EU members giving their share, including Greece, providing 25,1 million Euros. In this […]

Where do refugees really go (not in Europe)?

During the cold war era it was a common belief that people migrate to western capitals due to the opportunities capitalism provided. After the adoption of the capitalistic […]