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Where do refugees really go (not in Europe)?

During the cold war era it was a common belief that people migrate to western capitals due to the opportunities capitalism provided. After the adoption of the capitalistic […]

At least ten thousand refugees’ children are missing in the EU during the past 2 years

It is high likely that this is due to organized human traffickers , according to Europol. It’s mentiond that thousands of migrants didn’t show up after registering to the […]

The European Union Wants to Criminalize Volunteers Who Help Refugees on Greek Islands

Statewatch, a European civil liberties watchdog, has released confidential documents that reveal that the European Union is drawing up plans to criminalize charities and volunteers who […]

39, including 5 children, dead as migrant boat sinks off Turkey

At least 39 people, including five children, drowned off Turkey’s western coast on Jan. 30, the Turkish Coast Guard said, in the latest tragedy involving migrants […]