People Solidarity

People Solidarity

The idea that will make our world better

In these hard times, there are people in the world who can and want to spend time out of their personal lives to help other fellow human beings to hold on to life and have a future ...
No, we are not priests! We are just ordinary people who are concerned about the situation that has been created in the Balkans a situation which forces the world into chaos; immigrants dying, the people of the Balkans facing dramatic changes in their lives, as they become participants in a drama and in a humanitarian war without weapons!
In Greece, we are the main link of humanity and security not only for the immigrants for, our families or for the Europeans but also for the entire world as well.
The humanitarian crisis has rung the bell worldwide, but we continue to hope and try to provide security by identifying all immigrants entering Greece with the latest European electronic proscription.
We have built a unique system of direct protection for all European citizens.

The organisation's goal is to provide services, coordination and supply as referred descriptive below:

The purchase or construction of shelters and their function in Lesvos, Kos, Leros, Samos, Rhodes, Corfu, Athens, Komotini, Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa, Patras where free Recording, storage, food, medical examinations, medical - legal - pharmaceutical services to immigrants, psychological counseling, creative activities during their dwell time, interpretation services, search of relatives with the aim of family reunification, child protection and search for their relatives and their escort, transportation to the country of destination or the country of return if they want it, will be provided.
The free provision of services for the social and economic integration of immigrants and refugees in Greece.
The free provision of services for returning immigrants in their country.
The design and delivery of development assistance programs in countries of origin of immigrants and refugees in the context of the implementation and promotion of the "Millennium Development Goals (MDG's)», adopted by 189 nations during the UN Millennium Summit in September 2000.
The development of training provision network services, operation and management of open and closed reception centers for foreigners and support of local institutions to foreign entry points.
The provision of free legal aid services especially in those who are entitled to international protection.
The establishment, management and operation of hospitality structures for vulnerable groups (unaccompanied foreign minors, victims of torture and other forms of abuse, victims of trafficking, the needy)
The development of specific actions for the protection and integration of unaccompanied minors in Greek society, family reunification, to combat violence against women, supporting victims of trafficking, torture and other forms of abuse.
The development of training programs and learning of the Greek language to foreigners.
The development of educational structures and certification of qualifications of intercultural mediators and interpreters and to provide mediation and interpretation services to institutions and individuals.
The development of actions aimed at informing and sensitizing the population to fight racism and xenophobia
The development of partnerships with public institutions, private and broader public sector, NGOs, international organizations, diaspora organizations, local authorities A and B grade, regions and ministries to achieve the company's objectives.
Providing advice and services to international organisations, national bodies and ministries within the framework of promoting the company objectives.
The studies and surveys to understand all aspects of migration and refugee population at national and international level.
The development and promotion of volunteering in the fields of activity of the organization.
The development of programs and actions to prevent impacts and supporting populations affected by climate change, thus becoming refugees.
The publication of books or other printed material in the field related to these purposes of the organization.
Populations objectives supported by the organisation's activities are not excluded by nationals permitting and / or imposing certain activity.


1.The Human Solidarity will unsalaried people who staff the board
2.Employees in all administrative positions will be people with disabilities
3.The remaining scientific staff from unemployed young scientists
4.We must treat immigrants as we behave ourselves, our parents, our children with housing, food, security and medical care
5.To protect orphaned children from dangers such as trafficking and organ trafficking
6.We need to protect all European citizens from extremist elements (such extremists) who hide among immigrants in order to harm us and our fellow European citizens


The moments of today and now



The People's Solidarity Organization will be coordinated by people who are not paid and they provide their services as concerned citizens of this restless world ..


The Governing Board consists of ordinary people who offer their services for free.

All agents recruited for the proper functioning of the Organisation will belong to vulnerable groups of society such as external partners, long-term unemployed and the Disabled.

All acts and actions will be under the cooperation of Greek and European Authorities, International Organizations and Public and Private Institutions.

In case of non-implementation of the project,
all the money in the reserve will be donated to Charitable Organizations

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