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Rapid developments regarding the refugee crisis.

Immigration: Situation getting harder for Greece.
There is information that Austria redirects Syrian refugees.
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Rapid developments regarding the refugee crisis.

Rapid developments since last night regarding the refugee crisis,Greece with their backs against the wall, as the borders between Greece and FYROM just barely allow passage to the neutral zone, while the migration flows to Greece continue with the same momentum.

Fearing that thousands of refugees will be trapped within the Greek borders the government along with the ministry of defense consider creating – repurposing  more facilities to accommodate them.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sending demarche with the ambassador of Austria in Athens and in the Austrian Ministry complains about the conference in Vienna with Balkan nations considering it as a «non-friendly act».

Involvement occurs and the in NATO naval force that will take over the guarding of sea borders. The Minister Panos Kammenos invited journalists to inform them that the Turkish representative in NATO Military Committee during the three day meeting  of Germany – Greece – Turkey for the actions in the Aegean he said that whatever the Turkish government says are not going to be materialized.

Mr. Kammenos He expressed the view that Turkey until tomorrow will withdraw from its positions under pressure by other countries, that require the policy decision to be applied unchanged.

The government representative Olga Gerovasili stated today that “Athens is ready to move in any direction and will exhaust every possibility” while the European Commission, by the responsible representative for immigration, Natasha Bertrand, spoke directly to the risk of humanitarian crisis in Greece.


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