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Busy week regarding refugee – political crisis.

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Busy week regarding refugee – political crisis.

With more than 22 thousand refugees and growing day by day «trapped» within the borders, 3.000 of those are in Piraeus and approximately 6.500 in Idomeni, the refugee crisis is listed as number one problem/priority of the Greek government.

The government has unofficially declared the country is in a state of emergency and has informed Brussels asking for money, basic necessities and human resources, since there is no time to wait until the upcoming summit on March 7.

The Minister for Immigration Policy, Yiannis Mouzalas, speaking on TV and without revealing details, he noted that the project “must be applied, we have quantified supplies, money and staff”

Calculations by the government and the ministry in charge is that during March the number of  “trapped” will far exceed 50 and will reach 70 thousand people.

At the same time information – assessment of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs is that there will be no backtracking from “Vienna and the company of Western Balkans” and the borders will be closed “with few breaks”.


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