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Busy week regarding refugee – political crisis.
Acropolis in the front page of Spiegel a message for the refugee crisis
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New diplomatic initiatives for the refugee crisis

With the refugee crisis getting now out of hand and many regions of Greece resemble an endless hot spot, the Greek side seems to be putting forward all diplomatic means at its disposal.

The military sets up makeshift camps and the government has already asked the local authorities to prepare every available space there is to be converted into a hospitality center.

Beyond the “weapon” of the veto or “block” of the European Union decision requiring unanimity at the Summit Meeting of March 7 or at a regular session on 17-18 April, there has been dropped another proposal onto the table .

Governmental sources explained that if necessary Greece could initiate and stand by procedures for the convening of the UN Security Council.

“What could be done is to have, after the statement of Ban Ki-moon, mobilization in order to open a debate at UN level,” underlined trusted source.

It should be recalled that decisions on procedural matters shall be taken by the affirmative vote of at least nine members of the UN Security Council. For decisions involving substantive issues also require nine affirmative votes on which, however, should be included the votes of the five permanent members (USA, Russia, China, Britain, France).

Mr. Avramopoulos pointed out that “Europe faces today a migratory pressure like never before, the greatest challenge since the end of World War II,” and questioned the sense that “some still believe that this responsibility should only be lifted on the shoulders of a small number of states.”


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