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‘Complications’ at the Summit Meeting about the refugee crisis

Acropolis in the front page of Spiegel a message for the refugee crisis
FYROM uses refugee crisis to join NATO
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‘Complications’ at the Summit Meeting about the refugee crisis

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu today surprised European leaders, highlighting new requirements. In previous telegram, the news agency reported that the European Union appears ready to double its financial aid to Ankara and provide Turkey with 6 billion Euro in exchange for limiting refugee flows to the Greek islands.

“Several countries find the idea positive but can not accept the agreement tonight, due to the short preparation time,” said the official to Reuters agency, and continued: “They need some clarifications. We will work intensively in the coming days. ”

Tsipras’ intervention

Fort the progress to be made by Ankara before opening chapters of the accession process mentioned Alexis Tsipras, during his intervention at the summit of the European Union.


According to governmental sources, the prime minister stressed that the funds can not be opened in the absence of progress on the part of Turkey to implement the Ankara Protocol and the issue of casus belli.


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