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FYROM uses refugee crisis to join NATO

FYROM hopes that stopping migrants on its border with Greece, action effectively closing the road of the Balkans to northern Europe, will help them join NATO, said Defense Minister Zoran Jolevski.

Answering the question whether FYROM’s attitude to the crisis could increase its chances to join NATO, Jolevski expressed hope that FYROM “will take its place at the NATO table.” “We showed that we are a responsible member of the international community,” he added.

The minister also stated at the press conference during his visit to Slovenia that the Balkan region will be more stable when most countries in the region join the military alliance. Montenegro was invited in December to join NATO. Bosnia also aspires to become a member of the Atlantic alliance.

“An invitation to Montenegro is a big step forward,” he said and also expressed the belief that an invitation for FYROM “will also be important, such as the activation process (NATO membership) for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This should help the stability and prosperity of south East Europe “.

Jolevski added that the border of FYROM with Greece is not completely closed to immigrants, although Reuters notes that about 14000-15000 immigrants have gathered in recent days at the border as FYROM imposes severe restrictions on the flow of migrants.

Jolevski said that his country coordinates its actions with Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

He added that Macedonia would continue to prevent, with the help of the military, irregular migrants to cross its borders and called on the EU, other European countries and Turkey to find a common solution for the conflict in Syria.


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