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The role of social work in the refugee crisis
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Weekly Social Actions

Weekly Social Actions

Last week (2-8 April) the partners’ Koin.S.Ep. Hecate, “” Volunteer Environmentalists Attica “,” EL.IN.A.AS “and” KLEOS SA “with the active support and participation of the bank under establishment” Human Bank “and the NGO” Human Solidarity “held the implementation of the following social activities:

a) Collection of bread and bakery leftovers from stoves Athens and then delivering them to social messes Ag. Triada Ambelokipi and City of Athens Homeless Reception Center (KYADA). Total delivered more than 500 pounds (80-100 kg daily).

b) Concentrated quantity of drugs (two large cartons) from donors pharmacists and will be delivered to social pharmacies (Municipalities Byron, Hymettus, Argyroupoli, Athens etc.) upon request and depending on the needs of each.

c) A planting ornamental plants in flower beds streets and squares of Pagrati area.

d) Concentrated amount of clothing and footwear (eight large boxes) and delivered to the organization “Human People” for distribution to supported homeless of Athens.


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