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Weekly Social Actions

Weekly Social Actions Last week (2-8 April) the partners’ Koin.S.Ep. Hecate, “” Volunteer Environmentalists Attica “,” EL.IN.A.AS “and” KLEOS SA “with the active support and participation […]

FYROM uses refugee crisis to join NATO

FYROM hopes that stopping migrants on its border with Greece, action effectively closing the road of the Balkans to northern Europe, will help them join NATO, said Defense […]

Busy week regarding refugee – political crisis.

With more than 22 thousand refugees and growing day by day «trapped» within the borders, 3.000 of those are in Piraeus and approximately 6.500 in Idomeni, the refugee crisis is listed […]

Limits to Migrant Flows

Following the Vienna meeting earlier this week between Austria and 9 Balkan states to discuss ways to tackle the migrant crisis, the governments of most of […]