Organisation – People Solidarity


The NGO HUMAN SOLIDARITY - Solidarity on Migration and Development, with the distinctive title "HUMAN SOLIDARITY" will be a non-profit organisation and will be established in September 2016. Its members have extensive experience in asylum matters and are distinguished for their know-how and their contribution in this area and will result from people with experience retrieved from the market place.
The main purpose of "HUMAN SOLIDARITY" will be the promotion of a rational system for managing migration flows with respect for human rights, international and national legislation on the development of measures for reception and integration in Greece of immigrants flowing in it, as well as actions supporting for return and reintegration in their countries of origin.
The 'HUMAN SOLIDARITY" will pursue the objectives of all appropriate and lawful means by: Continuous contact between its members and working groups, with dialogue and exchange of information via the website, Newsletter,active online discussions thus being able to organise or participate in conferences, training seminars and training, special education programs, and events in and abroad, with training agreements / contracts with government agencies, private and broader public sectors, non-governmental organisations, associations, clubs, companies with similar objects, international organisations, intergovernmental bodies, businesses, municipalities of A and B grade regions and ministries in order to implement actions and programs under promotion of the objectives of the organisation, with the development of self-financed and self-managed activities, structures from the same target group,with the participation in EU programs, national, European and international organisations and agencies in Greece and abroad.
The members of "HUMAN SOLIDARITY" will be divided into legal entities and natural persons. If the members are legal persons, they will be represented by the person appointed by the legal representative. Individuals may be members of a) regularly b) honorary c) "friends"
a) REGULAR MEMBER may be a natural person over 18 years after applicating to the Board, accompanied by a proposal of at least two members of the company. Acceptance as a member of "HUMAN SOLIDARITY" by the Board endorsed by the General Assembly of members of a qualified majority of 2/3 of those present at the date of the General Meeting of members, which will meet its cash obligations to the organisation. Regular members have the right to vote, provided they have fulfilled the company's obligations. HONORARY MEMBERS will become after the decision of the Board of Directors, as persons who are in the opinion of this contributed greatly to fulfill the aims of the "HUMAN SOLIDARITY". Honorary members may be other than natural persons and legal persons from the private and public sectors. Honorary members will be exempt from the obligation to pay a subscription,
b) "Friends" of "HUMAN SOLIDARITY" will become, at the request of the Board Persons those older than 15 years. For friends, who are minors, assent will be required of those exercising parental authority.
c) the acquisition of membership, member or friend, will be required by submitting an application, which is written the required data identity.
d) For the acceptance of application the D, S.will decide within a reasonable time and inform the person concerned of the outcome by letter,
e) Any new State would automatically be deemed to accept the statutes of the organisation.
f) The Membership is a personal , and is acquired from the date of Registration with the organisation.
Read more in the statutes establishing the organization here